Support for Mount Kelly Choral Society

The cost of putting on our concerts always exceeds our ticket revenue...

Score hire, venue, orchestra and soloists all add up!

Our ambitions as to what we can perform as a choir are intimately related to how much money we have in our coffers. We meet this challenge through a variety of fund raising activities.

Our subscriptions lay the foundations, together with our termly raffles, tea & coffee sales and concert refreshments.
Mount Kelly Choral Society is now looking to the future with an even tougher approach to dealing with its costs - already we have had successes with fee-paying hires, such as weddings and Christmas carol performances, and the Annual MKCS Plant Sales generates a handsome profit for us.

Mount Kelly School is the founder-supporter of our choir, and is there for us across the spectrum of our ambitions and achievements, from rehearsal space to Musical Director. We are deeply indebted to their generosity.

Book Stop is a welcome and regular contributor to our fundraising, both acting as our principal Box Office, and recently by generously offering to allow members' concert CD purchases to benefit the Choral Society itself. Full details can be found here.

Any more ideas for fund-raising, just throw them at any member of the committee!

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