Mount Kelly Choral Society Concert Venues

Most of our concerts take place in Tavistock itself -

St.Eustacius Church in early Spring...And we're priveleged to have as our principal venue the parish church of Saint Eustachius.

Situated close by the fast tumbling waters of the river Tavy, the church's origins go back to at least the 12th Century. Dedicated in 1318, it was largely rebuilt in the mid-1400s next to the now extinct Abbey church, using the same attractive green-blue Hurdwick stone which distinguishes much of the older parts of the town.

Steeped in the history of the people and industry of Tavistock, singing in the church provides a richly rewarding experience for both singer and audience alike.


Methodist Chapel in SpringWe are extremely lucky to have as our other primary concert venue the Methodist Church in Chapel Street.

Opened in 1857, this Wesleyan chapel now plays host not only to a strongly supportive local congregation, but also opens its doors to lovers of music and drama.
Its character is ideally suited to some of the more intimate pieces that we perform, and the brightly painted exterior reflects the cheerful welcome afforded the choir and audience whenever we sing there.


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Mount Kelly College stands just off the A386 on the outskirts of Tavistock, boldly facing the heights of Dartmoor across the upper reaches of the River Tavy.
Our choir was founded by Dr.Anthony Curry - then Musical Director of Kelly - in 1976, and our ties with the school have ever since allowed us to both rehearse and perform there.

Ample parking is available in front of the main building, arrived at after following the main drive signposted off the A386.

We rehearse in the Big School. In addition we occasionally perform concerts in the college chapel, a delightful setting which also gives us the opportunity to repay some of the hospitality so generously accorded us by the school.

Fixed map of Kelly Choral Society concert venues in Tavistock

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